First-class down in the finest “Bramscher Tuch” – the highest quality for restful and relaxing sleep.

Down in fine fabric

Down is a particularly high-quality natural material which demands the greatest care and finesse during processing as well as highly modern machinery. For this reason, we continue to execute many work steps in production by hand. The large amount of effort required for these artisan processing steps is rewarded through the exceptional quality.

For the covers, we use fabrics from our parent company Sanders. These are made from particularly breathable, soft and high-quality fabrics, because deep, regenerative sleep is part of a fulfilled existence – and worth all the effort! We are proud of every duvet which leaves our premises.

After all, we still process and refine our down today with the same passion as displayed by the founders of our company.

First class down – the subtle difference

The filling power – measured in CUIN – is the primary scientific standard for the quality of the down. The higher the filling power, i.e. the CUIN value, the better the quality. By pointing out the filling power of its collections, KAUFFMANN clearly stands by its commitment to quality!

At the same weight, first-class down is several times more voluminous with a much greater filling power, making it fluffier. The duvet is perceptibly lighter with the same thermal performance. The best duvet is the one which has the highest thermal insulation property at the lowest weight.

Different countries, different down


Down from geese from Bavarian farms which raised in a species-appropriate manner. Only available in limited quantities and a strictly limited collection. Available as both duvets and pillows.

Österreichische Weidegans

Down from grazing geese from Austria, kept in a species-appropriate manner. For all those who look for regionality when it comes to duvets and who want to feel the difference.


Our down from Pomerania is a high-end product of exquisite quality. Here tradition and use go hand in hand and ensure a perfect sleeping climate.


On many Masurian farms geese have been bred for centuries. They form a firm component of our portfolio for the highest requirements.


The best of the best – the finest, hand-harvested Eiderdown from Iceland.


Standard for finest quality

The quality seal and hallmark “Bramscher Tuch” (finest fabrics from Bramsche) was already being awarded in the eighteenth century: Selected representatives of the fabric-makers’ guild used it to distinguish exclusive fabrics which met all of the highest standards. Ever since, “Bramscher Tuch” has been a guarantor for exquisite quality.

Sanders is the last cotton fabric finisher in Bramsche to preserve this artisan tradition, and thus supplies us with one of the best fabrics available today. “Bramscher Tuch EXKLUSIV” (EXCLUSIVE fabrics Bramsche) is the combination of high-quality raw materials, fine yarns and exclusive cotton finishing.

We rely on SanPro-Care® sensitive cotton fabric for specially-refined fabrics which incorporate special properties. It absorbs moisture particularly fast, distributes it across all fibres and releases this into the ambient air in the shortest-possible time. For a downy-soft, dry and warm bed climate, which significantly contributes to regenerative sleep!


KAUFFMANN bedding combines our passion for refined down and feathers with attention to detail – in top quality that is unique in the world.