Österreichische Premium Weidegans Duvet

The free-range goose is so named because it is allowed to roam outdoors freely every day. It sounds straightforward enough: however, these days, a free-range goose is much rarer than you might think. That is why a group of committed small-scale Austrian farmers have come together. They breed geese according to the species under the “Österreichische Weidegans” label of quality. One of the ways in which the cackling poultry expresses their thanks is by producing down that others can only dream about. This breeding according to the species puts a natural restriction on the number of farmed animals. We can only fill a few hundred duvets a year with this precious down. As a limited edition, each and every individual duvet is truly a unique specimen of the highest quality.

More about Österreichischen Premium Weidegans

  • Super fine maco batiste, 100% cotton

  • 100% goose down from Austria

  • Bramscher Tuch


Super fine maco batiste, 100% cotton

Mako Cotton as the basis for the finest batiste in different degrees of fineness.

100% goose down from Austria

Down is a particularly high-quality natural material, which requires a lot of sensitivity during processing.

Bramscher Tuch

“Bramscher Tuch“ is the sum of high-quality raw materials, fine yarns and exclusive fabric finishing.

  • Please ventilate regularly and avoid direct sunlight.
  • A gentle shake every so often helps distribute the down evenly.
  • Avoid using down duvets to sit or lie on for longer periods.
  • For long-term store use the cotton bag and store in a dry place.
  • Clean every 2 – 4 years by following the instructions on the care label.
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